1. 結賬時右側出現折扣代碼輸入區域
  2. 輸入區域輸入折扣代碼,并點擊“套用”
  3. 折扣代碼使用成功后,金額明細會出現折抵信息
  4. 確認折抵金額或%無誤后繼續結賬。
  5. 同一個折扣代碼每人限用一次,超過一次使用次數我們將不提供折扣。


  1. During checkout, you will find a discount code input area on the right side.
  2. Enter your discount code in the input area and click "Apply."
  3. Once the discount code is successfully applied, the order summary will display the discounted amount.
  4. Confirm that the discount amount or percentage is correct before proceeding with the checkout.
  5. Each discount code can only be used once per person, and we do not provide discounts for multiple uses of the same code.